Steve Harvey Gives Tips on the Minds of Men Before His Dating Show Hits ESSENCE Fest
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Steve Harvey may have started out as one of our fave Kings of Comedy but throughout the years, he has transitioned into being our go-to guru for all things love & relationships.

Helping us think like a man and providing clarity to the way men operate, Harvey has improved the lines of communication and understanding between the sexes, effectively bridging the gap between Mars and Venus.

Now, Harvey is bringing his wealth of knowledge to the ESSENCE Festival in the form of The Dating Show, where he will match a real single with an eligible celebrity in an effort to #BringTheLove, literally. Check out some of his best tips below for women trying to find Mr. Right.

FOR ACCOMPLISHED WOMEN: Go beyond pedigree. A lot of women want their man to have the same education they have or higher. If you are seeking one who matches you educationally and financially, you may miss a good thing. All I have is a high school diploma. You have to find a righteous, hardworking man with a dream and a plan.

FOR ACTIVE DATERS: Stay true to your values. A lot of women hurt their process with “in the meantime” dating. If you ask God for something, learn to wait for it. You go on “filler” dates and Mr. Right could be watching. Now he can’t make a move and is put off. If you’re waiting on Mr. Right, once you know a guy isn’t him, stop the process and wait.

FOR SINGLE MOMS: Combine dating and parenting. After a few dates, a potential partner has to meet your daughter. If he’s not feeling your kids, it’s a wrap. Too many women get the relationship they want and then he and the kids don’t mesh. Then you’re upset, because you’re not walking away from your kids.

ABOVE ALL: Realize what men crave. Every man wants happiness and to grow old with the right woman. All men will change, but there’s only one woman we will adjust for: that’s The One. If the man you’re with has not changed, it’s because you aren’t The One. When we meet her, we change.

Don’t miss Steve Harvey at this year’s Empowerment Experience! To find out how you can be apart of The Dating Show, click here.