Mary J. Blige Hints at Future Documentary About Her Life and Talks Her Connection to Amy Winehouse
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Last week, R&B legend Mary J. Blige premiered her documentary, The London Sessions at Tribeca Film Fest followed by an outstanding performance and we were there to enjoy every second of it! Earlier this week, we revealed part one of our conversation with Mary J. Blige about the film. In part two, Mary discusses the possibility of a future documentary on her life, why she feels such a strong connection to the late Amy Winehouse and her desire to give a voice to the voiceless.

ESSENCE:  In the film you spoke about wanting to create music that connects with women like you.  What it is about your story that you feel like connects with them and why is it so important for you to speak to them?

Just the strength that we have to have…oh, I’m about to cry. As women, we’re already looked at as second. Just the strength that we have to have and we have to know how important we really are. We are not weak. We are the backbone. We are the bricks that build everything and keep it strong. The strength is what I want women to know. You are more than just a woman, because of you all these men exist.  

ESSENCE:  We saw a really touching moment in the documentary when you sat down with Amy Winehouse’s father. Why was it so important for you to sit down with him? Also, what was it about Amy that you felt so connected to?

Amy had the same thing that people appreciate in me. She was so real and raw and honest. Whatever drug she was on, whatever song she would sing, you heard her trying to get through it or you heard her staying stuck in it. I appreciated that because it helps us, even some of the saddest songs, help us to recover. We know somebody can relate. I was a huge fan and to go to London and live there for a whole month, and to embrace the culture, you had to embrace Amy. [I wish] I could’ve told Amy all of the things I told her dad while she was living.  

ESSENCE:  That would’ve been incredible.  Now, we got a glimpse into not only your creative process but also your innermost thoughts [during this film].  Will there ever be a documentary on your life?

Yeah, there will be.

ESSENCE:  You’re open to it?

Yeah, I’m open to it now because I’m ready for people to see. [Before,] I wasn’t ready for people to see because I wasn’t quite sure what I was made of.  People would always say, “Mary’s a strong woman.”  You never really heard me scream that I was a strong woman but now, I can scream it because now I know what it is.

Want to see what The London Sessions documentary is all about? Check out the trailer below.

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