Janet Jackson’s New Single is Set to Release in 30 Days
Getty Images

After 7 years away from the spotlight, the incomparable Janet Jackson is set to release her comeback single in under 30 days. And yes, it is totally okay to do a happy dance at your desk.

According to various reports from Billboard and RadioFacts, the international superstar is almost finished with her eleventh studio album. Lucky for her fans- especially the ones who created the viral missing reports for Janet- she’s keeping the promise she made on her 49th birthday in the video below, with “new music” being the first step to the “new movement” she described on Twitter, May 16.

Though there is no word on what the title will be or which producers she decided to work with, Billboard was able to confirm the upcoming project will be released by Berlin-based music company, BMG. In the meantime, relive her amazing #ESSENCEFEST performance from 2010.

NOTE: Janet Jackson’s new single will be released in 30 days, her album will be released this Fall.

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