ESSENCE Fest Vendor Spotlight: Cicely Jazzy’s Art
Cicely Jazzy’s Art

Can you believe the 2015 ESSENCE Festival is only 40 days away? We’ve told you who is performing and who is speaking but we want to keep you informed on who is selling as well. This way, when you head down to our ESSENCE Fest Marketplace, you can get in and out by knowing exactly who is around.  

This week, we are highlighting one of our vendors, Cicely Jazzy’s Art.  The New Orleans native began creating and selling her art while she attended Xavier University.  This year, she’ll be returning to ESSENCE Fest as a Marketplace seller for the 4th time.

Find out more about the creator, Cicely Miller, in our exclusive Q & A:

ESSENCE:  What’s your fondest memory while on the Festival grounds?

My fondest memory was having the opportunity to share my Cicely’s Jazzy Art Essence Music Festival experience as a vendor and then seeing it aired on the evening news.

ESSENCE: Describe ESSENCE Fest in one word.


ESSENCE: Why is it important for your business to be represented at one of America’s largest festivals?

It is important to present my artwork to a diverse, international audience of people. It is an opportunity to network with other artists from around the world. The exposure at ESSENCE Fest is phenomenal. People from all walks of life has exposure to different art mediums, by not only seeing my art but also meeting the artist. As New Orleans is my hometown, visiting with family and friends while working the festival is an extra perk.

Cicley Jazzy's Art will be available for purchase at the ESSENCE Marketplace, Shops at ESSENCE.

ESSENCE: How do you prepare for the 4th of July Holiday weekend excitement?

I prepare for this event by creating new pieces of original artwork that represents the flavor of the festival and New Orleans. I make sure that I offer pieces at different price points so that everyone can have an opportunity to buy my art. I send out personal invitations to everyone that I know and advise them that I will be showcasing my art and ESSENCE Fest and I request they share this information with their audience.

ESSENCE: What quote or mantra do you live by?

“My mission is life is not merely to survive, but to thrive, and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style.” -Maya Angelou

ESSENCE: What is the ESSENCE of your business? Why should ESSENCE FEST fans visit your work? 

The ESSENCE of Cicely’s Jazzy Art is color and vitality. My art makes the viewer evoke emotion, usually happy. It is affordable, fun, unique, jazzy and even functional.

ESSENCE: Describe your creative process for our readers. What makes your art or craft unique?

Art is my joy, my relaxation and my love.  I love working with various mediums such as acrylic, colored pencils, markers and lagniappe to produce my artwork. I love using vibrant colors, complimentary colors and a scumbling technique. Scumbling involves brushing broken and/or thin layers of paint over another so that some of the paint beneath shows through. While producing my mixed media pieces I start by sketching an image to create the best composition, scan it and then digitally enhance my images by adding texture and vibrant colors.

ESSENCE: How do fans keep up with you until July? 

Visit or  Email me at

Don’t miss Cicely Jazzy’s Art or any of our great vendors during ESSENCE Fest 2015.  To get a look at all the times, locations and important EF details, download our ESSENCE Fest APP, here.  Plus, Single Night Tickets are still available for purchase.  See you there!

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