Decade of the Gentleman: #Top10 Ne-Yo songs of all-time [Album Tracks Only]
Aaron J. /

Singer/songwriter Ne-Yo has been an R&B force to be reckoned with for the past decade. We all know and love his hit singles, from ‘So Sick’ to ‘Miss Independent’ to ‘Lazy Love’. In celebration of the release of Ne-Yo’s new album, ‘Non-Fiction’, we decided to dig deep into his catalog and revisit some of the musical jewels that were never released as singles; An ode to the album track, if you will. Here are a few of our faves in no particular order…#Top10 Ne-Yo songs of all-time [Album Tracks Only]:

#10 – ‘Jealous’ from R.E.D.

#9 – ‘Let Go’ from In My Own Words

#8 – ‘My Other Gun’ from R.E.D.

#7 – ‘Get Down Like That’ from In My Own Words

#6 – ‘Telekenisis’ from Libra Scale

#5 – ‘Should Be You’ f/Fabolous & Diddy from R.E.D.

#4 – ‘Fade Into The Background’ from Year of the Gentleman

#3 – ‘Make It Work’ from Because of You

#2 – ‘Say It’ from Because of You

#1 – ‘Mirror’ from In My Own Words

‘Non-Fiction’ is available in stores and on iTunes now.