Cori Murray Explains the Importance of the ‘Peace, Prayer & Purpose’ Event at ESSENCE FEST
Sheila Harris, ESSENCE

We are less than 20 days away from the ESSENCE Festival and those of you who already have your tickets shared your excitement with us on Twitter and Facebook (we see you!). Though much of the ESSENCE staff has been to the Festival before, this year, ESSENCE editors like Entertainment Director, Cori Murray are more excited than ever.

In a new interview with Lousiana’s own, KFXY Z 105.9, the longtime ESSENCE Festival goer explains why this year is more special than ever before. “We are ultimately trying take a page from our February issue, which was dedicated to #BlackLivesMatter. We have a theme this year around Peace, Prayer and Purpose,” Murray explained.

“We are really using those words as a catalyst. For bringing peace, we have Deepak Chopra who’s going to be leading the Empowerment Experience. It’s his first time there. We have Rev. Al Sharpton, who’s definitely been one of our greatest soldiers in the fight for justice. We have Iyanla Vanzant who gives you the tools to make those changes in your life,” Murray said.

Listen to the full interview, here:


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