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New Album: Ledisi's 'The Truth' Is Just That

The 2014 Essence Music Fest performer is back with a new, uptempo sound and we're loving it.
New Album: Ledisi’s ‘The Truth’ Is Just That
(Photo by Prince Williams/FilmMagic)

Good news: Ledisi is back with her seventh studio album, The Truth, and the title is fitting.

“I changed my life!” Ledisi said of her latest studio effort, which she calls her favorite album ever. “…With The Truth, I am really starting to accept myself fully. I mean, I’ve always felt great about myself, but this time, I’ve gone to a new level.”

Lush with mid and uptempo tracks about love, The Truth is a welcome departure for Ledisi, who’s best known for belting ballads with a pitch perfect fusion of pop, soul and jazz. But there are still traces of the Ledisi we’ve always loved: slower tracks featuring Ledisi’s towering vocals like “Lose Control” round out the album’s upbeat, lively sound.

So now, do three things: Check out the album preview below, purchase The Truth on iTunes, and then get your tickets to the 2014 Essence Music Festival where Ledisi will take the stage, and will, as always, tell her truth.