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The Back Track: Ledisi's Seven-Album Catalog Revisited

We revisit the soul singer's stellar catalog.
The Back Track: Ledisi’s Seven-Album Catalog Revisited
Photo by Donna Ward/Getty Images

Last week, R&B fan favorite Ledisi released her latest studio effort, The Truth, a project that pays homage to her mantra to live openly and honestly.

The Truth is Ledisi’s seventh album. (Yes, seventh!) It’s easy to forget that she’s been in the game for a minute, dolling out soulful hits since 2000. And if eight Grammy nominations are any indication, she’s pretty good at her job. Here’s a list of some of our favorite tracks from Ledisi’s impressive catalog.

Here’s “Soul Singer” from her first album, Soulsinger: The Revival and Feeling Orange but Sometimes Blue.

“Feeling Orange but Sometimes Blue”, a single from her second studio album of the same name, earned Ledisi a California Music Award for Outstanding Jazz Album in 2003.

“Alright”, the first single from her third studio album, Lost and Found, is arguably one of Ledisi’s most popular songs to date. “I sing it at every show,” she told Essence in a recent interview. Lost and Found also earned her two Grammy nominations in 2008, including one for Best New Artist.

No, this is the “This Christmas” you think it is. This original song was the first single from Ledisi’s Christmas album, It’s Christmas, is a gorgeous, but heartbreaking holiday love song.

And of course, there’s 2011’s Pieces of Me, Ledisi’s highest selling album to date. And who doesn’t love the chart-topping lead single?

Tell us, what are some of your favorite Ledisi songs? Check out new tracks from The Truth, and don’t forget to catch Ledisi on the Main Stage at the 2014 Essence Festival.