August Alsina is always willing to give his testimony. Good, bad or indifferent, the 21-year-old New Orleans native has no issue speaking his truth.

So it came as no surprise when the “I Luv This” singer offered words of love and kindness when speaking about his mother. Despite their ups and downs, Alsina maintains that it was his mother’s love and lessons that helped him achieve his success. Read one of the best pieces of advice Alsina’s mother gave to him, which helped him prepare for life in the spotlight:

“My mom taught me to never let anybody rob me of who I am because a lot of times, especially in this industry, people want to. It’s so weird because you gain success and people expect you to forget everything you’ve learned over the years. You got a little bit of money now so you have be over here with these people and not over there with those kind of people. She just said never forget where you come from. You know, be humble. Stay away from drama. There’s a song on my album called “Mama” and that song literally wrote itself from text messages that she sent me.”

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