Ann Nesby Recalls Most Memorable Festival Moment
Jennifer Cooper

For this week’s Relive the Moment, gospel legend Ann Nesby, formerly of the iconic gospel ensemble Sounds of Blackness, stopped by our office to dish on her favorite ESSENCE Festival moment. It involves the one and only Mr. Al Green, so it’s a special one!

Check it out below.

“One of my most memorable ESSENCE Festival moments was having the opportunity to sing with the legendary Al Green. We did a song together called “Put It On Paper”. We were actually touring with him at the time, but to be able to take the stage with him, and to experience the love that the audience showed him was one of the highlights of my life.

I also remember being in the audience that same year and experiencing Frankie Beverly and Maze. There was a super energy about Frankie Beverly and Maze when they would come on the stage. Hearing the audience sing every song was incredible.

Those are two moments I know I will never forget. Those moments really blessed my life. To see pioneer artists in action was just incredible. I feel like the ESSENCE Festival is a festival of life, and I sing life music. Being in a place like that allows me to totally relax and know that I’m in a climate of cultural love.”