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5 Questions: Tank On Musical Growth, Keeping His Shirt On, Crazy Fans And TGT Secrets

Tank hips us on what to expect for the look and sound of his forthcoming album Stronger.
5 Questions: Tank On Musical Growth, Keeping His Shirt On, Crazy Fans And TGT Secrets
Michael Rowe

Tank wants you to know that he is ‘stronger’ on his forth-coming album of that title expected later this year. When it comes to his appearance and what he wants to portray musically, you are going to see and hear a different side of the R&B star. We sat down with the Essence Festival Mainstage artist to talk about this new sound and image, his infatuation with women, and he even dishes on some tour secrets about his TGT groupmates Ginuwine and Tyrese.

You are preparing to release your 6th solo album Stronger. How have you grown musically since your debut album?

Great question. I think I’ve definitely gained a lot more confidence in my music. And more confidence in displaying all of my talents. I’ve made music for so long with only a fraction of what I’m able to do musically because I felt like music wasn’t there or that people wouldn’t be receptive to all the live instruments. All of the true sentiments that I believe belongs in music. True Motown days of R&B. The music that wasn’t just local but R&B was international. It was Earth, Wind and Fire. It was Morris Day and The Time. I feel like that moment is coming and I want to be ahead of the curve and I feel that’s my strength. I’m finally in a space where I feel like my strength is going to be my advantage.

You’ve been shirtless on the majority of your album covers, can we expect the same for Stronger

Stronger says I don’t have to do that anymore. We’ve done that. Now we’re giving you this good music and we’re going to do it with class.

On your current single “You’re My Star,” you croon about being infatuated with a young lady. What characteristics about a woman makes Tank infatuated?

I’ll start physical because that’s always exciting. I love legs and feet. That’s my starting point, checking out some feet. From there I’m very big on eye contact and smile. Also the energy before a word is even spoken. That connection is just… I love that energy.

What’s the craziest thing a fan has done to get close to you?

A fan has actually been in my room to get close to me. I hadn’t even checked in yet and they were in the room when I went into it. Had to be an inside job. It was crazy. She was like “I don’t want you to be alarmed. I’m just a fan and I just want to…” What?

Congratulations on the success of the TGT album. What’s something you’ve learned from touring with Ginuwine and Tyrese that they wouldn’t want you for reveal to us?

I’m going to get in trouble for this one. [Pauses and laugh hysterically] I don’t think Ginwine wants people to know that before shows he throws glitter up in the air. He does a glitter shower so that he can sparkle in the light. He’s very much so into his showmanship.

Tyrese doesn’t want people to know that he has a weird addiction to scrubs. He just wears scrubs all the time. Regular scrubs – all day, every day. He will get dressed up to do whatever he has to do, take an instagram or whatever and take those clothes off and put scrubs right back on. There will be 1,000 people at his house for a get together or little turn-up and he will have on scrubs. Yes he’s ‘scrub-life’ 100%.