What ESSENCE Readers Think of the U.S. Education System
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Education is key for children and the fight to save our schools begins with us. ESSENCE.com enlisted our social media followers to share about the state of the country’s education system and how to set children up for success in the classroom.

Patricia A. Martin
“As a parent of a special education student and a school psychologist with 25 years of experience working in public schools all over the nation, I have one question for parents: How much time do you devote to working with the school on your child’s education?”

Connie Seabon
“There are some good public schools, but it takes parental involvement as well as the school system. Go to the school and see what your child is doing.”

Darlyn Dyson
“I’m not a parent, but bullying does affect a child’s performance in school. I went through it when I attended public and private school.”

LaShonda McAdams
“I didn’t leave it up to the schools to teach my children. My children were taught before they stepped foot into a school. I tried putting my oldest daughter in public school in first grade and was very disappointed in the teaching method. At the end of the year, I started homeschooling her. She will be entering seventh grade this year, and she’s still ahead. It takes a lot of discipline, but it can be done.”

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Wanda Pettis
“My husband and I are 100% not satisfied with my son’s education. Kids are not getting things they deserve like good teachers, extracurricular activities and motivation. I stopped working to devote more time to him after school.”

Terri Perkins Miller
“As an educator, I say, ‘A school is only as strong as its weakest link!’ I strive for excellence in my classroom. There are no excuses. I get sad when I hear someone’s negative comments about education. I work seven days a week. I love my profession.”

Nicie Williams
“No matter where you send your children, you have to build relationships with your children’s teachers.”

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