Meet Bridget Kelly one of Jay-Z’s most anticipated new acts at his Roc Nation label. Following the release of her Every Girl EP last October, which held the haunting Frank Ocean-penned track “Thinking About Forever,” Kelly is working on her debut album and even recorded a remix track featuring a verse from Philadelphia rapper Meek Mill. Who’s Meek Mill? You know, the guy who wasn’t involved in that Drake-Chris Brown scuffle last week.

Preparing to hit the stage at the ESSENCE Music Festival on July 6-8, Kelly took a few minutes to chat with about her heartbreak-driven debut album, Blue Ivy and D’Angelo. You released your EP Every Girl last October, how’s your debut album on Roc Nation coming?
BRIDGET KELLY: The album’s done now, I don’t want to jinx it – every time I say the album is done, I end up saying ‘Let’s go back in and … ‘ – but this time I think it’s coming together the way I want. I’m hoping to release the project by the summer’s end but we’re definitely releasing a song on the radio next month. Who have you recorded with recently and what are you titling the LP?
KELLY: The last songs I’ve recorded were with Jerry “Wonda” Duplesis and Crystal “Cristyle” Johnson, who wrote Rihanna’s “Only Girl in the World.” I’ve worked with so many great people and I’ve got so many songs to choose from. There will be a few viral videos coming out soon. I’m terrible with titles, when it comes down to thinking of a two word summation of my album, I’m stumped. Do I go the heartbreak route and call it Bitter Season or do I go the other way and call it Heart-Broken and Hopeful? I’m working on it! With those titles, are you mainly singing about heartbreak on your debut?
KELLY: Yes, I went through a really terrible breakup when everything started for me and I didn’t get over it for a long time. It was hard and I had to find myself in the process so there’s a lot of that on the album. But there are a couple songs that are hopeful, I’m in love with the idea of love. You’ve also got a remix with Meek Mill, of Drake-Chris Brown fight infamy, coming?
KELLY: I did a remix of my song “In The Morning” with Meek Mill, we’re trying to shoot a viral video. His schedule is all over the place because he’s blowing up right now. Then I’ve got three other viral videos of new songs from the album coming too. Switching gears, have you seen your Roc Nation label head Jay-Z’s new baby, Blue Ivy?
KELLY: I haven’t seen her but Jay-Z did show me some pictures of her when she was first born. She’s gorgeous, a flawless child. Are we surprised? Like ‘Damn, really. OK Jay, perfect wife, perfect child. Goodbye.’ What will you bring to the ESSENCE Music Festival audience?
KELLY: ESSENCE Music Festival is the highlight of my year! This will be the first time that my show will have everyone that loves the same music that I love in the audience. It’s going to be epic for me. I think people will be excited to hear that I can sing live and I get to tell my story. I want to build as many relationships and have as much fun as I can while I’m up there. And I’m definitely coming for D’Angelo, I’m all about the Voodoo album.

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