EMF: Mary J. Blige Playlist

“You Remind Me” ft. Greg Nice

Mary J. Blige burst onto the scene in 1991 with “You Remind Me” and cemented her place in our pantheon of great R&B singers … and our love for combat boots worn with baseball hats. Don’t act like you didn’t think she was fly!

“All That I Can Say”

For “All That I Can Say,” Mary J. Blige teamed up with Lauryn Hill and it couldn’t have been a better union. From the airy keys to the layered arrangement, this song captures the sound of being in love.

“Your Child”

Now this situation was a mess, but Mary’s hair and that sequined beret were perfection. Not to say that we’ve been privy to what Mary is singing about but we appreciate the way she handled this precarious situation without threatening anyone with a broken bottle.

“The One” ft. Drake

Grabbing Toronto’s golden boy MC Drake for her first single from her “Stronger With Each Tear” album, Mary J. Blige reminded folks that she’s all we’ll ever need as the Queen of R&B and Hip-Hop Soul.

“Just Fine”

There are hits and then there are theme songs and Mary J. Blige’s “Just Fine” is one of our favorite anthems. The lyrics are so apropos for a fantastic day that just thinking about singing this jam along with everyone else in the Superdome audience is making us dance in our seats right now!

“Be Happy”

“How Can I love somebody else, if I can’t love myself enough to know when it’s time to let go,” sings MJB at the beginning of “Be Happy.” Truer words were never spoke, or rather sung because the icon usually allows the audience to sing this bit in unison at the Superdome. Are you ready for your sing-a-long?

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“Hood Love” featuring Trey Songz

If you’ve ever told your man to beat it after he acted up, then you can relate to Mary’s piano-driven duet with Trey Songz, “Hood Love.” Here’s hoping the two artists will take the stage to perform this cut together when MJB rocks out on Saturday night.

“No Drama”

OK, we still remember how Mary’s stirring rendition of “No More Drama” at the 2002 Grammy Awareds brought the crowd, including Celine Dion, to their feet with tears and applause. This is a taste of what’s to come for us this weekend thanks to the Queen of Hip-Hop Soul!

“Be Without You”

We couldn’t escape MJB’s “Be Without You” in 2005, this song was, and still is, undeniable. And that cream turtleneck complementing Terrence Howard’s green eyes didn’t hurt either …

“Family Affair”

Hooking up with super-producer Dr. Dre, Mary J. Blige’s “Family Affair” is one of her biggest party jams. This track always gets us up and moving, regardless of whether or not we agree with the words “dancerie” and “holleration.” We can’t wait to get it crunk up on the floor for Mary this weekend. searches for fishnet stockings in our closet

EMF Playlist: Mary J. Blige

As an ESSENCE Music Festival headliner, Mary J. Blige is not only the Queen of Hip-Hop Soul but an ESSENCE icon. After leaping into our hearts back in 1991 with “You Remind Me,” she’s made us cry in public with “No More Drama” and dance like fools to “Just Fine.” MJB has been our go-to girl for any emotion we could have as a black woman in America for over ten years.This weekend, Mary will take the stage at the ESSENCE Music Festival on Saturday and if her previous performances are any indication, she will bring the house down. Are you ready to “Be Happy” with Mary J. Blige at this year’s party in New Orleans? We are! See you there, ladies!