The ESSENCE Music Festival has begun! As we prepare for tonight’s performances by D’Angelo, Trey Songz, Charlie Wilson, Keyshia Cole and more, we dug into the new ESSENCE issue where Editor-In-Chief Constance C.R. White spoke with ESSENCE Empowerment Experience panelist and “Awkward Black Girl” star Issa Rae. Chatting on the subject of life, Ms. Rae shared a few tips like “We each have to find our unique purpose.” True, indeed. We shared the Internet star’s words of wisdom with our readers but our cover line saying “Welcome to our special for young women, but if you’re over 35, you’ll find tips here too!” was much more controversial. Here’s what you had to say:

“Good to see Issa Rae featured!” -Chantel Brathwaite

“The caption here says that you all have tips for YOUNG WOMEN, but if you’re over 35 we have tips for you also…so is this caption stating that 35 and over is OLD WOMEN? I just wanted to know because I’m a little over 35 and I am certainly not OLD…” -Stephanie Singletary

“London loves ABG!” -Betty Vandy

“First congrats to Issa, I love the series. But I remind people to go to her site and donate, it’s still an indie production and every dollar helps. I’m well over 35 but consider myself young, lol, Essence can get on down.” -Robin Taylor

“Gosh, when did over 35 become “old”? I thought it was at least 40! Lol.” -Jamillian Monroe

“WTHeck? So I am 38, so does that not make me a “young woman?” I missed the point of the article seeing (our special section for young women (but if you’re over 35 you’ll find tips here, too!)?????” -FashionFair

“I’m a little confused…when did over 35 become “old”? I’m walking around still believing that going on 37 is STILL very much “Young and Beautiful.” Didn’t expect a phrase like that from Essence…but I still love them!” -Desiree Patterson

What do you think of Issa Rae’s profile? Do you think you’re as young as you feel? Weigh in below!

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