As we countdown the days until the ESSENCE Music Festival and the ESSENCE Empowerment Experience on July 6-8, we’re also keeping a keen eye on the upcoming presidential election. In the last few weeks, President Barack Obama and his opponent, Republican Presidential hopeful Mitt Romney, have traded barbs on everything from the economy to same-sex marriage and deportation. In addition, recently a reporter rudely interrupted the President during a speech Obama was delivering in the White House Rose Garden.

On July 7, the ESSENCE Empowerment Experience will host a panel entitled “2012 Election: What’s at Stake for You?” so we asked our Facebook friends about the disrespect Obama’s endured and if they still support the President following his first term in office. Here’s what you said:

“Other than the shoes that were thrown at George Bush, no other President in the history of this country has been blatantly disrespected as much as our current, Barack Obama. As unfortunate as it might be, when he takes office again in November 2012. It will get MUCH, MUCH worse. However, fear is the devil’s adversary so with God, we will press on anyway!” -Sheila Ferguson-Williams

“OBAMA 2012. They do this to him because he is black. He won’t speak against it because he comes from them. If I was him I would let my black out and give them a piece of my mind.” -Debbie Hicks

“I stand in the same place I was before he was elected, nothing’s changed. It’s not the color of the president, it’s the so-called representatives and senators who make everything impossible for anyone who is elected. These are the people that we have to change, they doing nothing for us, the poor.”-Alba Vega

“No!”-Dorothea Jackson

“No other president in history has had to suffer the indignities that President Obama has. The overt racially laced comments coming from the right wing, so called Christian politicians and their followers, is sinful and unpatriotic. They’d rather see America spiral down to hell fires, than to support this President. Sad.”-Veronica Scarlett Hodges

“I don’t vote. Therefore, I don’t care.”-Kareem Allen

“No, never in our history has a prez been so disrespected and never in our history have we had an African American pres. Coincidence? I think not!”-Nicole Beverly

Don’t miss the panel discussion “2012 Election: What’s at Stake for You?” at the ESSENCE Empowerment Experience on July 7 in New Orleans, featuring Dr. Julianne Malveaux, Karen Carter Peterson and Michael Baisden as guests. Get your tickets here!

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