It’s quite interesting that it’s 2018, and we’re still having debates on whether a brand is guilty of cultural appropriation or not. Unfortunately that is the case, and the latest fashion retailer to be accused of the wrongdoing is Zara.

While Zara has become one of the most popular destinations for stylish and trendy clothing at affordable prices, they are currently selling a “check mini skirt” from their spring collection which is being compared to a traditional lungi. Similar to a sarong, a lungi is a traditional garment that is commonly worn by men and women in south Asia and India. It’s a lightweight piece of clothing worn in lieu of pants in the extremely warm and humid climates.

For $90, Zara is offering an extremely similar style in a brown checked pattern with a tie at the front. Considering that Zara didn’t give any credit for the inspiration and that lungis usually cost only a few dollars, the Internet isn’t too happy about it.




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The last Twitter user said it best: “Hey @ZARA this is not a “check mini skirt”…. this is a LUNGI. Why don’t you call things for what it really is? Give credit to the culture you are appropriating.”

We’re wondering if brands will ever truly quit appropriating things, and if not, will they ever give them their true credit? Only time will tell.