EXCLUSIVE: First Look At Yara Shahidi’s New Fossil Campaign Video…And it’s Awesome, Obvi

Yara Shahidi’s first campaign video for her Fossil watch collaboration is finally here — and it’s just as awesome as expected. 

In the short clip, the 17-year-old star shares some of her firsts–meaning her first job, her first friend, her watch, etc. — all while rocking a few designs from her new line of smartwatches. Take a look! 

Fossil might seem like a throwback to the timepieces we sported during our school days but the brand’s new designs have definitely graduated to firece and fabulous status. 

“I really love how much you can personalize this watch! I can customize the dials and customize the apps that I want on my watch face, which is really amazing. That way I don’t have to change out my watch to compliment whatever outfit I’m wearing-day or night,” Shahidi explained in a press release. “Also I can filter out information and stay connected with loved ones—which is really important to be especially when I’m working. My time becomes limited, and I definitely don’t want to miss a call or text from them!”

Shahidi, who just started as a freshman at Harvard, has quickly become one of our favorite young celebs. She knows how to strike the perfect balance of style and substance — which means we’ll definitely being watching as she continues to shine btight.