Work From Home Wardrobe Tips To Live By In 2021
Photo: Getty

2021 is finally here and as the world gradually accepts that the pandemic is something that with time will be more manageable, our lives have adjusted and normality has seemingly settled. Depending on your location, the work from home mandate has continued since the beginning of last year while others have had the choice to work in the office or their days have been adjusted.

Despite the difference in companies in-office polices, there’s a large number of individuals who have fallen accustomed to their at home working routine and with that, comes a new-and-improved business casual module. Considering social gatherings have been limited style collectively has never been so relaxed however, that’s no excuse to totally ditch a work from home OOTD.

It doesn’t have to be the complete work style moment that you once graced the office with, (although it could be) but it wouldn’t hurt to pull out your favorite dress or pair of leggings for a mental health boost. This year as many companies are adjusting the dates on when a full staff return will make its way, in the meantime, a work from home style routine can make those days at home slide by a little bit faster. Below are a few work from home wardrobe tips to live by in 2021.