Guys, Whoopi Goldberg Makes The Best Christmas Sweaters, Seriously

Some of you fashion lovers may not want to face it, but the “ugly” Christmas sweater isn’t going anywhere. The quirky pullovers are here to stay, and Whoopi Goldberg legit makes the best ones we’ve seen in a while. And by best, we mean the funniest designs that will keep everyone laughing at Christmas dinner.

In the lineup you’ll find a booty shakin’ Santa. Seriously, that’s the name of the sweater: Booty Shakin’. And there’s even an adorable baby Santa equipped with a red-and-white rattle. But it’s not all about Christmas. Whoopi made sure to celebrate Kwanzaa, too, and her signature Hannukah octopus sweater is back.

The witty sweaters are perfect for guys or girls, and they all cost $89 at Zappos. You might as well grab one to make the holidays even more fun.

This article originally appeared on InStyle