Vashtie’s Gold Gift Guide
Eli Schmidt

The new G-shock campaign cutie shares the deets on designing their gold watch and a few other gilded items she’s adding to her wish list. How did the G-shock collaboration come about and how did you add the Vashtie twist?
VASHTIE KOLA: G-Shock approached me a year and a half ago to direct a commercial for their Baby-G, which I did. Shortly after they asked me to design a watch, which I was more than happy to. I added my own little twist because I’m a Trini island girl who loves gold, so the watch is meant to feel as if it was dipped in it. It was also inspired by my life as a young artist, entrepreneur and business person. Traditionally watches are signature items for business people and since I represent so many countless other new entrepreneurs who take meetings in T-shirts and jeans, I wanted to create a time piece that mirrored our lifestyle and culture. Who’s wearing this gutsy gold watch and where are they headed?
VASHTIE: Anyone! Girls and guys. Young and old. It was meant to feel classic, timeless (pun not intended) and universal. We love a classic cream cable knit and a gold watch. Give us three ways you’d style this beauty?
VASHTIE: 1-with a black 212 Violette tee and black jeans. 2 -With a pleated skirt and cropped cardigan. 3-With simple little black dress. Can’t help but think of the song “All Gold Everything” when I see this timepiece. What tunes are you inspired to spin while wearing it?
VASHTIE: “Black and Gold” by Sam Sparrow and “Goldie” by ASAP Rocky. What’s next for you?
VASHTIE: I’m doing a full collection of footwear and apparel for Puma, debuting at the top of 2015. Lots of amazing pieces to follow!