This September, UGG launched a collection to go along with its trendy shoe selects the brand is known for. In its first Ready-To-Wear line, bright and fun colors spearheaded the collection and UGG delivered its known and trusted aesthetic but, in the form of clothes. “I think so many people know and love the classic bootie and are discovering that there’s so many more options,” Zuri Marley tells ESSENCE.

Marley was tapped as the October/November Ready-to-Wear ambassador where the actress and DJ starred in a self-shot campaign. Due to COVID-19, the pandemic has prevented many what would usually be “on set” projects and put the creative process in the hands of talent. “I always have a disposable camera on me,” Zuri included. “Typically I ask a friend to help and we just shoot around the house or throughout our day depending on the style of the campaign,” she says when asked how the adjustment process has been when she has to shoot herself.

Through an LA photo diary, the creative can be seen posing outside in UGG’s latest RTW apparel collection. Pieces include fall and winter essentials like Sherpa jackets and matching sweatsuits. ESSENCE got a chance to chat with Marley about her latest partnership with UGG and what she is up to this holiday season.

ESSENCE: In light of all that has happened this year, how are you? 

Marley: Every day is different. Overall I’d say I’m well. This year, I’ve really missed my family in Jamaica but since we are all going through the same thing there’s sense of unity that I’m grateful for. 

ESSENCE: How are you staying creative?

Daydreaming, dancing, and self-tapes. Collaborating with friends over FaceTime. Collecting new ideas and resurrecting old ones with all the time I have. I also watch a lot of shows, movies and David Lynch’s master class. I like leaving different master class episodes in the background when I’m writing.  

ESSENCE: This time of year, UGG always seems to be universally worn. How was it working with the brand?

I love working with UGG. The first time was during Coachella and last winter my family was in their Holiday Campaign. I was happy to be involved with this RTW collection and it’s been surprising people. A lot of the footwear is unique and definitely opens up the world of UGG. Their collaborations also show how universal the brand is, I’m really looking forward to the Telfar collab and I love the Eckhaus Latta collaboration they did as well. 

ESSENCE: What are some of your favorite shoes and RTW items that the brand has recently released?

I wear the LA Low Cloud a lot. They also have a sneaker that has no laces which I love when I really just need to slip something on. The Sherpa jackets are perfect right now as it’s getting colder, I have the animal print one.

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ESSENCE: It’s starting to creep into winter. What are just some pieces in your closet you’re ready to pull out?

My closet was made for the cold. Since quarantine it’s been straight hoodies and sweatpants. So I throw a Sherpa moment or puffer over that and I’m good to go. I still want to wear dresses though so I’m going to have to figure out a tight situation so I can pull those looks. 

ESSENCE: What’s next for Zuri Marley? 

Therapy. I do it every week, especially during a time like this. In the entertainment industry/life, it’s important to keep your head on straight (to an extent lol) so I’m making sure I’m good on that.