Top Ten Reasons We Love Kelly Rowland's Style

Is Kelly Rowland's style fab? We asked on Facebook and you told us with nearly 200comments!

ESSENCE.COM Jul, 08, 2011

There’s no denying it: Kelly Rowland is on a streak!

The last few years have seen her  morphing from tom boy to glamor girl. And since her debut gig on X-Factor she’s been turning up the heat on her sultry style.

We took to Facebook to get your top ten reasons why Kelly Rowland’s style rocks. Here’s what you said:

10: “I love that it’s evolving and becoming signature.” -Tynisha Leon

9:  “She’s stylish, original with it and is truly beautiful!” -Lynette Kelsey

8:  “She looks very beautiful in her outfit. Very poised and classy.-Silky Turner

7:  “She looks like a lady
.” –Jeanette Thompson

6:  “She is just herself! Sexy yet chic and classy and so poised!” -Rob Johnson

5:  “Kelly could wear a paper bag and I’d still think she was beautiful, and stylish. Go ‘head Kelly with yo bad self!” -Sherri Clark

4:  “Simple but sexy!”  -Kimberly McCarty

3:  “She’s what she should be..her own person…her own woman…an individual, that uses her brain, a strong African-American woman that stands tall, proud and confident of who she is, where she came from, and where she’s going. You go      girl!”     – Gwendolyn Johnson Steele

2:  “I like the fact she picks clothes that flatter her petite frame and that don’t look too “trendy” ….I like this look”  -Vanessa Authenticity

1: “Kelly ALWAYS knows what clothes look good on her body……that’s what I love about her!” -Dorothy J. Robinson