Men’s Fashion Week in New York City just wrapped up. But we’re still swooning over the amazing street style, the celebrities sitting front row, and of course, the new season of offerings from all the designer collections.

This season did not disappoint, especially given the current state of affairs in our country. There were a number of menswear designers who chose to highlight the plight of Black men in society via their creations.

Here’s a rundown of some of the moments that turned heads…

1) Kenneth Nicholson

This burgeoning Black designer showed us a collection full of melanin magic! Models wore intricate denim ensembles, embroidered detail vests and billowy tops. Noteworthy was the placement of crowns on the majority of Nicholson’s Black models. Thus reminding our brothers to hold their heads up and be the kings that they are. 

2) Public School

The CFDA award-winning design duo of Maxwell Osborne and Dao-Yi Chow presented their collection entitled “Permanency.” We were insantly intrigued as the show itself wasn’t a show at all, but an exhibition. The brand introduced the PSNY ‘SCRIPT’ as a platform to address the future of the industry — and our world in general. Their message took the shape of high quality materials, fabrics and trims that have been dead stocked or recycled into new yarn. Mannequins, rather than not models, were dressed in the new collection — which boasts cargo pockets on shirt tops, striped satin twinsets, and a Nike collaboration redesign of the Air Force One sneakers. The presentation and designs are an experience that will last longer than a 10-minute runway show. 

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3) Romeo Hunte

ESSENCE Street Style Award winner Hunte literally had models glowing on the runway. The juxtaposition of Brown skin against colorful tops bedazzled with Swarovski crystals was enchanting, and who’d thought that camo and scuba gear could work together so well on the runway!  

4) The Barbershop

The fragrance brand Hawthorne took men back to their roots — literally. The company put on a fashion event that highlighted the time-honored practice of Black men getting their haircut. Everyone knows that barbershops serve as a place where men can openly discuss ideas, problems, relationships, and more, all while getting fresh. Hawthorne, a bespoke cologne brand, gave us a rendition of that with an event that took place in an actual barbershop. Face of the brand, Kelly Oubre, Jr. (who also happens to be a NBA player for the Washington Wizards), hosted the event and guests included celebrity stylist Jason Rembert, and LionBabe front woman, Jillian Hervey. 


Black fashion designer Christopher Bevans partnered with Google Cloud to present the Spring/Summer 2019 collection for his brand, DYNE. The theme of his show was “Future Nomad” and focused on highlighting his hometown of Portland, Oregon. Tailoring and lightweight wools, and upcycled fabrics reigned supreme here, with models in face paint.