In 2020, fashion is greener than ever. After years and years of being silent about the wasteful conditions the fashion industry contributes to the environment, brands are doing their part to produce products in a more eco-friendly manner. From using recycled fabrics to plastic water, the recyclable options are endless. Making an announcement that its brand will step into a more eco-conscious lane is thredUP – the largest online thrift store.

Considering the average consumer contributes about 1620 pounds of CO2 per year, thredUP is doing its part to educate and empower shoppers to reduce their environmental impact.

Just last week the brand launched its Fashion Footprint Calculator where shoppers will be invited to use the tool that makes it easier than ever for them to see just how much their fashion habits impact the environment.

By answering questions about the way you shop, do laundry and purchase your clothes, the Fashion Footprint Calculator will calculate your “footprint,” or the amount of carbon that your closet generates annually.

ThredUP’s Fashion Footprint Calculator is available here.