The Cast Of ‘Moesha’ Is Giving Us Fall Inspiration
Photo: Netflix Screen Grabs

In July, as a response to nationwide conversations regarding police brutality and systemic racism, Netflix announced its acquisition of 7 fan-favorite, Black-led sitcoms, with confirmation that each show would be available on its platform by the end of October. Since, Moesha and The Game have already begun streaming, while Sister Sister, Girlfriends, The Parkers and Half & Half and One on One are still soon-to-come. With other cult classics such as Friends and The Office having already been available on the platform for years, it goes without saying that this moment was long overdue. 

Fans are eager to welcome back comedic icons such a Moesha for more than just the scripted jokes — they’re longing for a refresher on ‘90s style as well, which makes total sense considering how ‘90s style has come back full force in recent months. “Moesha’s style was niceeee,” one Twitter user tweeted, while another commented, “Moesha got me wanting to revamp my whole style.”

Believe it or not, much of what Moesha’s cast members wore on screen (and, presumably, what was trending 1996-2001 when the show aired) has come back around as essential pieces today. From tube tops to platform shoes, ahead, here’s 12 looks from Moesha that are still just as well trending in 2020. 

  1. S1 E2: Leopard print 

Early in season one of Moesha, Kim has a run in with the mean girl cheerleader, Ashley, who has nothing nice to say in return to Kim’s compliment on her dress. Ironically, Kim’s cheetah print get-up would be just as popular today as it was then, among a plethora of other animal prints the fashion industry is embracing, from zebra to cow print, both of which Kim is seen wearing in later episodes. 

  1. S1 E9: ‘90s Knits

On a typical morning for Moesha she dressed for school in a striped, knit top. As ‘90s fashion has reemerged to the forefront recently, fashionistas around the world are embracing casual knit tops with the vintage silhouette. In this instance, Moesha layers hers over another top (another seriously big trend at the moment), which continues to be a go-to look for the main character and her friends throughout the first few seasons of the show. 

  1. S2 E6: Unexpected layering

Who knew we had Moesha to thank for the layering trend we’re loving right now? As fall nears and consumers are looking for innovative ways to bring their summer items into fall, layering a tube top over a utility blouse is a fashion forward (and Moesha-approved) start. 

  1. S2 E23: Monochrome

‘90s fashion is often associated with no-fuss simplicity, and it doesn’t get much more simple, yet polished, than a neutral-toned monochromatic look. Monochrome has been taking over in all shades from the runway to Instagram, and is expected to keep up the momentum for fall 2020, according to experts.

  1. S3 E1: Athleisure 

In this episode, Moesha’s parents have just forced her to private school for the new school year, and Kim reunites with Neicy on their first day back from summer break. Neicy’s look is one that would have been well-embraced today, returning to school via Zoom during the Coronavirus pandemic with a video call ready shirt on top, and comfy joggers at the bottom. Not to mention athleisure is increasingly merging with fashion, with many brands adding comfortable, lounge-based elements to their lines.

  1. S3 E14: Platform shoes

Chunky platform shoes take on more forms than one, with designs from Rick Owens to Dr. Martens being among the current fashion favorites. Moesha’s school sneakers would fit right into the mix. 

  1. S4 E5: Tube tops

Among the ‘90s trends the fashion collective has happily welcomed back as of recent is the classic bodycon tube top. In this episode, Moesha prepares for a blind double date with Kim, and this look is almost enough to solidify the tube top’s place in fashion from here on. Additionally, we catch stolen glimpses of Moesha’s nylon Prada shoulder bag in this scene, another style which has regained popularity as of late. 

  1. S4 E19: Safari dressing

Safari dressing is a micro-trend that trickled in with Spring/Summer 2020 runway, with brands such as Brandon Maxwell and Mr. Self Portrait at the forefront — think utilitarian style trousers or dresses, such as Moesha’s, along with jungle prints, which Moesha’s undershirt also resembles. This look typically leans on warm earth tones, hence “safari,” making it the perfect wardrobe addition for fall as well.

  1. S5 E15: Leather jackets

Shortly after the shocker of the finding out that Dorian, who Moesha believed was her cousin, is actually her brother, we see Moesha with Dorian as he plans his birthday party, wearing the fall staple that will never not be relevant. Her leather jacket’s distressed look, along with leather boots create a relaxed grunge aesthetic that industry insiders are expecting to see explode this fall. 

  1. S5 E18: Printed pants

Another token of ‘90s fashion was the apparent lack of rules; during this time, fashion was uniquely colorful and fun. Printed pants seem to be stirring back up today, from Maisie Wilen’s head-turners, to Fenty’s recent psychedelic print drop, featuring a mesmerizing pair of leggings

  1. S6 E3: Cutout tops  

Cutout designs (such as  the ones seen in Neicy’s bright green top) are the once unexpected design elements that have almost become the norm (pleasingly so). Swimwear brands such as Melissa Simone and Riot Swim embraced the trend this summer, while brands such as JDB Apparel and Jacquemus are prepared to continue the trend into the fall with novelty knitwear. 

  1. S6 E10: Snake print

If there’s one trend that inarguably took the front seat last fall, its snake print — and by “snake print,” we mean snake print everything. With animal print on a steady cruise in popularity, there is likeliness in the trend carrying through to fall 2020 as well. In this episode, on the wake of Thanksgiving, Moesha shows just how versatile the trend can be with a purple variation of the print.