The Best Fashion Moments From Vice-President Elect Kamala Harris

With anticipation on what the Vice-President elect will wear to tomorrow's inauguration, we're taking a trip down memory lane.

As the United States ends a controversial four years and prepares for new administration tomorrow, Vice-President elect Kamala Harris will make history as the first Black, South Asian woman to hold a VP position.

With usual eyes on the First Lady’s fashion, Harris’s new role includes a wardrobe that sets the tone for the future of women who will come after her. Throughout campaign season, Harris has cemented her cool and causal style including her love for a low-cut converse if she’s not wearing a sleek black boot. A few days out the week you may catch the future Vice-President sporting a monochromatic suit, but will occasionally opt for a plaid or color-blocking blazer. Always keeping a fresh silk press, Harris will accessorize with a pair of pearls, paying homage to her sorority Alpha Kappa Alpha.

When she accepted the Vice-Presidential win in November, the future VP elegantly waltzed across stage in a silky white Carolina Herrera power-suit. In preparation for tomorrow’s inauguration intended to be as extensive, Harris’s outfit is highly anticipated. But before she takes on a new role and we have 4 years of what we predict to be a fashionable run, we are rounding up 20 of her best fashion moments from Vice-President elect Kamala Harris below.