Telfar Releases Its Liberia Collection — The Brand’s First Foray Into Activewear
Courtesy of Brand

Telfar Clemens, the designer of the viral ‘it bag’ also known as the ‘Buschwick Birkin’ and the official sponsor for the Liberia team in this year’s Tokyo Olympics, just released his Liberia Collection. The collection is a celebration of the designer’s cultural background being a Liberian-American and also the brand’s official introduction into offering activewear. 

Although genderless clothing is becoming a category that more designers and brands expand into, most genderless assortments have focused on casual clothing and basics. However, the Liberia Collection is a genderless assortment catered toward performance. In other words, clothes that you can work toward your fitness goals in, while also being stylish. 

The assortment consists of jerseys, tracksuits and athletic tops and bottoms—all enhanced with the Telfar twist. Design elements were influenced by Clemen’s taste and also the realization of the designer’s DNA during his trip to Liberia. Telfar instinctively designed with roots that tied back to Liberia, and this divine pairing with Team Liberia allowed him to realize that and intentionally embrace their culture with this new collection.

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Telfar’s decision to be the official sponsor and outfitter for Team Liberia was truly a game-changer for the designer, placing the brand on a level playing field with companies like Nike and Adidas. However, Telfar took it a step further by releasing a full Liberia Collection to the public (not just Olympic merchandise) to showcase Liberia’s culture on a global stage. The official players of Team Liberia were also used as the models to reveal the collection. 

The collection is available now on, offered in a color palette consisting of navy, red, sand and white. Prices range from $60 and $290. And in true Telfar fashion, there is something for everyone.