Tamar Braxton Fiercely Defends Her Affordable Clothing Collection
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Tamar Braxton has proven once again that she isn’t interested in negitivity from others. On Monday “The Real” co-host had to keep it, well, real with an Instagram commenter (@lolafaloanalove12) who challenged the quality of the singer-turned-reality star’s fashion collection. The clapback went a little something like this:
To be sure, Braxton’s offerings aren’t made with luxe fabrics or the type of meticioulsy tailoring you’d expect from established fashion designers — but that wasn’t her mission. “I don’t always want to spend the coins on designer clothes. Thank God most of the time I’m able to afford the things that I want. But the people that watch us on TV and listen to my music, they can’t always afford that, and I want them to feel fabulous as well. I know when I put on a Versace outfit I’m like, ‘Yasssss, I feel amazing!’ So I want them to have that feeling when they put on the Tamar Collection. That’s why I work so hard to make sure that we have quality clothing at an affordable price,” Braxton told The Huffington Post.  The “Love and War” singer certinaly isn’t alone in her quest to marry quailty, trend-driven designs with the type of price point that the average girl can manage. Affordable fashion brands like Zara and ASOS are just a few of the companies that make our style-loving hearts soar and keep our bank accounts intact — while also providing clothes that won’t fall apart the first time you wear them. Amen! So, if you love looking good and saving money like we do, check out the gallery above for all the affordable (and quality) fashion brands you should be shopping.

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