With the world slowly adapting to the new normal, we are seeing some of our favorite activities returning with of course, restrictions at all ends. From sports to movies, all industries are preparing for Fall.

To celebrate the new Wonder Woman movie ahead of its October 2020 release, luxury accessory label Swarovski partnered Warner Bros. and DC to curate two new collections for the Atelier Swarovski and Swarovski community. Both collections underline the brand’s continued effort to promote female empowerment and draw their inspiration from Wonder Woman’s golden armor and eagle wings.

The new Swarovski line features a variety of signature sparkling styles fitting right into the aesthetic the brand carries while fusing the power of Wonder Woman with crystals and golden tones. The Atelier Swarovski line includes the brands more high-end pieces and with this collection it includes earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings, and a brooch that draw inspiration from Wonder Woman’s uniform.

The Swarovski x Wonder Woman collection ranges in price from $79 – $549 and can be purchased here.