Style Q&A: Alice Smith
Roger Kisby/Getty Images

A fashion chat with the ‘Black Women in Hollywood’ performer before she hit the stage.

My style is: Functional and and body conscious. I like to feel my clothes.

I cannot live without: Edmundo Castillo shoes, I’m obsessed with their shoes because they’re beautiful and really, really comfortable, it’s pretty amazing. They’re just really well-constructed for me personally. I just tried on a pair that are strappy and they’re like socks. I mean, obviously not, they are heels and high but for what they are they’re so comfortable, it’s a good fit and they’re just gorgeous.

Favorite designers: Right now it’s Dolce. It just fits me well and obviously the stuff is beautiful. I love Lanvin, I always used to go on Net-a-Porter and they randomly have these wedding dresses, and they’re unbelievable.

One item every girl should own: Black Jeans

My last purchase was: A bunch of vintage stuff that I got at this place in Williamsburg.


The next item on my wish list: Every pair of the Edmundo Castillo shoes! I like shoes. There are these Hermes shoes that I actually might have to get over to the store today and buy. They have little band and a little ankle strap. It’s real simple, but just a nice shape and the heel is a nice shape, I like triangle heels.

Bag I’m carrying: This old Bottega Veneta bag, it’s a dark grey metallic satchel bag.

Essentials in my bag: Lip balm, I like the peppermint Burts Bees. Also, carrying my Francis Klein sunglasses. If I have make-up I would carry mascara and lipstick.

My fashion icons are: I love Sade. Her style is clean. She’s gorgeous, so it’s just the right amount of accent to her beauty.

My favorite local boutiques to shop at are: La Vai Maria, it’s in Williamsburg. I just love this place and I just wanted to tell everybody. She carries really great vintage stuff. She has stuff that she gets, stuff that she re-constructs and stuff that she makes and it’s a Latina woman, so I wanted to support her.

The best city for shopping is: New York, because I know where most things are and can get around. It’s also great to shop in LA because it’s easy to move around.

I feel most sexy when I’m wearing: A good dress and good shoes, and when I look good.

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You can always find me in: Pencil skirts and dresses, I wear those a lot.  They’re also very comfortable and easy to wear. That’s what I like about Dolce’s stuff, they have a lot of that shape and its a good shape for me. That’s all you need to do is put the dress on and keep it pushing.

When I’m on stage my style is: Body conscious and flexible, I can move in it. Stuff that doesn’t itch. Comfort is the first thing.

When I’m off stage my style is: It’s pretty much the same, I love jeans and pants. I don’t wear a lot of trousers but I love them. I really want a good blue fitted pair.

Fashion rule I live by: I don’t. It has to fit and if it if looks good, I wear it. Pretty basic.

The live stream of the 7th annual ESSENCE Black Women in Hollywood red-carpet aired Thursday at 2:30 p.m. EST. Catch a recap of the action here.