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[MUSIC] Hi, it's Joiee, fashion editor at Essence Magazine and it's time to spruce up your work wear. Borrow from the boys and get a tailored Suit. Some pops of color add a feminine touch. [MUSIC] A graphic print is a perfect addition to your wardrobe and definitely elevate your work style. [MUSIC] Punch up your casual Friday look with a pink trench. And for an extra Twist, add a patent shoe. [MUSIC] So ladies, have fun with your work wear with pops of color and graphic prints. See you next time! [MUSIC]

Style Goals: How to Spruce Up Your Work Wear

Fashion editor Joiee Thorpe shows us how to werk our workwear.

It’s easy to fall into that same routine when getting dressed for work especially when you have a pant-suit-and-button-up kind of job. There are so many fun ways you can spice up what you already have without crossing the line!

The Tailored Suit

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This season’s trend is probably the easiest to try when you work in a more conservative workspace. No matter your line of work, a tailored suit is a great investment. It’s timeless and never fails to make a powerful statement. If you want to steer clear of a boring black version, try a suit with pops of color for a more feminine, flirty feel. The red buttons on this Pinko suit add a bright element that keeps all eyes on you — in the most professional way.

Graphic Prints


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Do you want to try prints but are unsure about what types are acceptable or go a bit too far?  Try graphic prints to elevate your work style in the chicest of ways. Add a feminine blouse and a bold colored bag and that’s a printed look that’s totally work worthy.

The New Trench


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Punch up your casual Friday look by adding some drama with a colored trench. This pastel pink version is super feminine and dresses up your basic jean. Top off your look with chic patent leather flats and you’ve taken jeans a t-shirt to a new level.

Even with a dress code, don’t be afraid to shake it up a bit. Add some personality to your work wear with simple touches. And remember ladies, #StyleGoals rule number one…don’t play it safe and don’t be basic!