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Blogger of The Month: Krystin Hargrove

The uber-cool blogger of 'Be Loud Be You' shares her stylish trip to Paris and more!
Blogger of The Month: Krystin Hargrove
Courtesy of Krystin Hargrove

Name: Krystin Hargrove

Hometown: SilverSpring, MD

Blog: Be Loud Be You

Follow Me: @Beloudbeyou @Only1Krystin

My Thing: Live life and be yourself, that way you’ll have no regrets. I believe one of the bravest things in life you can do is be yourself. I encourage my readers to embrace and be confident in who they are. A positive mind and strong sense of self will get you through whatever life throws your way.

My blog is broken into the following categories: Style, which showcases my personal style and fashion trends I’m into. The Scene, which covers events I attend throughout the city. Home, where I talk interior design concepts and hilight interior design firms. Lastly, Lifestyle, where no-fashion topics such as health, fitness, and charities are discussed.

I Cannot Live Without: Blistex medicated chap stick, mascara, a little black dress, perfume, and a pair of ankle strap sandals. Right now I’m living in a few LBD’s from H&M. They aren’t fancy but sometimes basics work best. I’m also really loving my Hermes Un Jardin Sur Le Nil for women, it’s my perfume of choice these days. My go-to ankle strap sandals are these faux python leather sandals from Zara. They’re a neural print and can be worn with everything.

My Last Purchase Was: A vintage leather moto jacket from Italy. There were a few things that came to mind while traveling to Italy. One being Italian leather, this jacket is so soft and is a perfect fit, I found it in a vintage leather jacket shop that only sold jackets. I couldn’t leave it behind.

The Next Item on My Wish List:  A new pair of shades, I haven’t found the perfect pair yet.

Fashion Trick I Swear By: Layering. When layering, think about what the outfit lacks. You can achieve whats’s missing by adding a layer that satisfies that missing element. For example: take your favorite sweater and add a leather vest on top of it to add a little edge.

My Go-To Shops: Any thrift store! I do the bulk of my shopping at local thrift stores. My favorite is a shop in Laurel called ‘Village Thrift.’ I’ve found so many gems there! I love finding unique pieces that no one else will have. ‘She’s Unique’ in Virginia. This local jewelry shop has everything you need and is owned by a local blogger. I love supporting my fellow entrepreneurs.

Online Shops That Have Me Hooked: ASOS always has an answer if I need to find an affordable look. Their express shipping has saved me on many occasions. I also prefer to shop at Zara online

My Favorite Bloggers Are: Karla Deras of karlascloset.com, Claire Sulmers of Fashionbombdaily.com, and Nicole Warne of garypeppergirl.com

Fave Instagrammers I’m Following Right Now: @streetstyled, @yasminsewell, @ciara. I typically gravitate towards Instagram moms who are also business women. It reminds me that there’s room fot it all!