Stay Woke: 42 Unapologetically Black Tees and Sweatshirts

Your closet needs these. We present the definitive buying guide for Black pride apparel.

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Your closet needs these. We present the definitive buying guide for Black pride apparel.

2 of 43 Own Your Blackness

"Don't tell me I'm pretty for a Black girl." Got it? You can get it from Own Your Blackness for $30.00.

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Stay focused on what's important in this tee representing the Black Lives Matter movement.

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Another bold statement from, $18.99.

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Tell the world exactly what and who you are with this #SmartBrownGirl T-Shirt, $22.

6 of 43 Keep Chasing the Stars

Keep Chasing the Stars' sweatshirt "The New American Dream" is so dope! You can cop it for $44.00.

7 of 43 Own Your Blackness

"Hella Black. Hella Proud." Enough said. It's a Own Your Blackness design for $30.00.

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Release your inner fly girl with this awesome find from IZZY&LIV.

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Spell it out with this tee from Own Your Blackness, $30.

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This "Flexin' My Complexion" Jazz Williams Redbubble design is $29.50.

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Say no more. Find this powerfully real Nah Rosa Parks Quote Shirt here.

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Just get right to the point in this Unapologetically Black Wide Neck Off Shoulder Sweatshirt from AkiliKabibe, $50.

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Say exactly how you feel with the sweatshirt that began the #BlackGirlMagic movement, $26.

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Celebrate Black Love at its finest with the Barack and Michelle Taught Me Sweatshirt from Habitually Fly, $60.

15 of 43 Black Action Tees

The "Ebony Wonder" shirt from Black Action Tees nails it! It's 28.99.

16 of 43 Spread Shirt

"Stay Woke" and you can never go wrong. This Spread Shirt tee is only $20.74.

17 of 43 Habitually Fly

Habitually Fly gets it right with this "That Melanin Though" shirt for $30.00.

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Break down your magic in this Traits Of the Modern Black Woman Wide Neck Sweatshirt from AkiliKabibe, $45.

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Fall even more in love with your melanin in this Love Blackness Tee, $19.99.

20 of 43 The Very Black Project

The Very Black Project "VB Zambia Tee" is so fly!

21 of 43 Campaign Zero and Designers Guild for Justice

Campaign Zero and Designers Guild for Justice t-shirt  "I love my Blackness and Yours" is straight to the point and it's only $15.00!

22 of 43 Forever Audacious

"The Epitome of an Audacious Woman" is a nod to all the great Women of Black History. Forever Audacious offers it for $28.00.

23 of 43 Well Versed Designs

Serena Williams is literally body goals. This "Serena Taught Me" workout tee is inspiration to make our gym dreams come true from WellVersedDesigns for $29.00.

24 of 43 Habitually Fly

The "Young & Fly & Conscious" Tee from Habitually Fly is $30.00.

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Pay tribute to the power of Black love with this Black. Love. Power Tee from Habitually Fly, $30.

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Sometimes you need to keep the definition handy. This Black Woman Definition Shirt should do the trick, $18.99.

27 of 43 Black EXCELLence

The "Black Excellence" sweatshirt from Kwame Rose's Black EXCELLence is everything! It's a great purchase for $35.00

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This Pure Black Nutritional Facts Tee breaks down the makeup of our magic. ($17)

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Feel like the queen you are in this A Queen's Conscious Tee from Habitually Fly, $30.

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Say it loud and proud with this Black & Proud Tee from Own Your Blackness, $30.

31 of 43 Forever Audacious

Forever Audacious celebrates the Natural hair movement with the "Do the Natural Thing" tee for $40.00.

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Method Man spit a dope line in his song "You're All I Need (to Get By)" featuring Mary J. Blige. "Queen with a crown that be down for whatever" is a Her Threads design avaliable for $20.00.

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This Skreened shirt takes a nod from Gloria Hull, Patricia Bell Scott and Barbara Smith edited book, All the Women are White, All the Blacks are Men, but Some of Us are Brave. It's on sale for $34.84.

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This For Harriet "Goddess...act like you know" shirt just gets it and it's only $24.00.

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Represent your roots with this Love Africa Simply-Dope t-shirt, $18.48.

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This You Can't Tell Me I'm Not Magical Shirt from IZZY&LIV is absolutely everything.

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No words needed if you rock this Afro-Pick shirt from, $18.99.

38 of 43 Dopeciety

This "Flowerbomb" sweatshirt from Dopeciety is so lit! It's $50.00.

39 of 43 Brown Girls Do Ballet

Misty Copeland might have been the first African American dancer to be named principal of the American Ballet Theatre and hopefully she won't be the last. "Brown Girls Do Ballet" celebrates all the girls who are "on pointe!" Such a great grab for $24.99.

40 of 43 Blavity

Because sometimes all you need is a plate of good food to celebrate your melanin. Thank you Blavity for understanding! (It's only $28.50, too!)

41 of 43 Kashmir VIII

The "Different" t-shirt is the perfect homage to A Different World. Whether more of a Whitley or Kim Reese, Lena or Freddie, this is a must have from Kashmir.VIII for $45.00.

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Stay strong and send a message about the power of the Black dollar in this Strength of Black Tee, $21.99.

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If you want to rep ESSENCE, we'e celebrating Queendom too. Buy this shit here now!