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Spurs Player Rudy Gay Enters The Fashion World With A Fresh New Collection

And we're here for it.

When it comes to fashion for athletes, walking to the locker room is their runway. The majority of the time we see them in a synchronized uniform so, it’s a refreshing look to catch our favorite players in designer duds. Players we often see getting buzz for their style include Nick Young (Swaggy P), PJ Tucker, and Rudy Gay.

Rudy who has the pleasure of being in the midst of his 14th season has had a long-standing reputation for showing up to games in the most fly gear. From Prada to Rick Ownes the basketball player told ESSENCE those were amongst his favorite designers. “I can’t explain my style, it’s just me,” he said.

Spurs Player Rudy Gay Drops A Fresh New Collection

To step even more into the fashion industry Rudy launched a children’s line late last year and has circled back with a merch line for adults titled rg22. “In the mirror, every man dreams of having a little boy that looks just like them. I thought it was cool to be able to dress my kids as I would dress,” Gay exclaimed.

The new merch collection features three casual pieces – 2 t-shirts and a hoodie and is priced between $35 to $60. “The thing about it is, I just try to show a different side of me. A little bit of what I like to do and give people a chance to connect with it,” Rudy concluded.

Shop the collection here.