Boss Up, Sis! Make Money Moves With These 7 Fashion-Forward Skirt Suits
Photo: ZARA

Whether you’re leveling up at work, joining the girls for a night on the town or even praising the Lord on Sunday, your skirt suit speaks volumes. Now’s the time to update—so out with the old and in with the new!

Before getting dressed and heading into the workplace, boss woman Bozoma Saint John says, “I strongly believe in self-affirmation. It’s practice. We [Black women] walk out into the world and there’s enough detrimental messages that we receive that tell us that we’re not great, and for me the self-affirmation is required— that way I can walk into rooms boldly.”    

Traditionally, a skirt suit is the female version of a men’s power suit, the universal attire worn to denote getting down to business. The power suit, a structurally tailored blazer and pants worn with a button-down shirt, gained prominence in the ’80s and ’90s as the Wall Street era was booming. For women, the pants were replaced with streamlined, tailored skirts that typically landed at the knee, but today’s version has taken on a new look.

This season is all about mix and match (pairing monochromatic colors with funky prints and patterns), textured separates, and long jackets in place of blazers. So suit yourself in today’s modern skirt suits, with options that veer from the conventional basic, boxy and boring to long, lean and layered. 

Scroll through our skirt suit gallery below and shop some fab selections for your spring wardrobe.


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