Starting a fashion label as a Black designer has its known challenges, but maintaining one in this particular climate shows a certain resilience.

Nigeria Ealey, co-founder of the modern label Tier NYC, along with his business partners Victor James and Esaïe Jean-Simon have found new success during this pandemic.

“The support these past few months has been phenomenal. It’s like we’re really entering a new chapter,” said Eale.

Along with releasing a selection of sold-out eco-friendly monochromatic sweatsuits last month, the three business owners celebrated moving into a new production safe house.

“We just moved into our new studio and got a new stock room. We may need a bigger one soon due to the huge increase in production and sales,” Ealey exclaimed.

And if you didn’t get your hands on the first drop of sweats, the brand is releasing it’s second drop Monday.

In company with the return of the cozy selects, Tier also released a tactical military vest and a selection of women’s biker sets, which beauty influencer Aaliyah Jay teased last month on her Instagram.

“We’re just grateful to have so many people that believe in us, our vision, and our brand. We’re finally at that point where we are ready to show the world what Tier is really about,” Ealey concluded.

Shop the new Tier NYC drop here.