If there is one market that has arguably thrived during this pandemic, it’s the business of athleisure wear. Most of us, have become pretty accustomed to WFH this year and possibly the only joy in that is the opportunity to wear practically anything you want. If you’re anything like me, a two-piece set or a set of leggings and a sports bra will do the trick.

Feeding into my already unhealthy workout attire addition (working out not included) for quarantine is Lululemon’s Sea Wheeze Collection. Lululemon has managed to curate a lane for luxe and visually appealing athleisure that is worth indulging in, even if the workout comes at a later date.

Every August, the brand hosts its SeaWheeze Festival in its home base Vancouver, Canada, combining a half-marathon run with yoga, music and interactive activities. Usually, following the event, limited edition product can be purchased at the festival and in Vancouver lululemon stores for just one week however, with the marathon going digital lululemon decided to release the Sea Wheeze Collection collection online.

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The 2020 product collection features high-performance run gear and cottony soft post-sweat layers in limited-edition prints, patterns, and vibrant colors as well as an eye-catching all-over reflective pattern—all uniquely SeaWheeze.

The collection will be available August 11. For more information visit shop.lululemon.com.