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And this friends, is how you make prom just a little more magical.

Rather than spend weeks looking for the perfect dress for her big night, 17-year-old Shami Oshun tried something different when she decided to go to prom at the last minute. According to Buzzfeed, she made her dress herself and she designed it the night before prom.

Oshun shared several photos of the process while she pieced the look together, showing her followers each step as she turned $15 worth of purple tulle fabric into a masterpiece.

“Proms tomorrow. This going to be a thread of me attempting to make a dress the night before,” she captioned the shot of the tulle pinned to a dress form. Then, she peeled faux diamonds from one dress, attached them to the fabric, and added a plunging neckline, as she captioned another photo, “I have no idea what I’m doing right now just making stuff up as I go.”


She continued on, using a strapless, ivory dress for the base of her look, before adding pleats and a sheer panel at the bottom covered in black floral embellishments.

“I think it took me about five hours,” she said, as she continued posting about the look the morning of prom. “Because, at a point, my machine broke, so I started hand sewing.”

The result was stunning. When she finished, Oshun posted photos of herself in the dress, and it’s still blowing up on social media.


When the California native made it to prom though, it turned out the dress wasn’t the most convenient frock to dance the night away in … so she altered it on the spot. “I had to let you guys know that the flowers were too heavy for the fabric I used so I chopped the dress mid prom,” she continued, sharing another snap of her now minidress, which still slayed.


While Tweeters encouraged her to audition for Project Runway, it appears Oshun is already on her way to building her own design empire.

She already designs clothes and sells them on her site