We’re only two weeks away from the start of the new season, which means it’s time to book an appointment with my favorite pedicurist to get my toes together in anticipation of donning fashionable footwear that flatters the feet.

Unfortunately, finding trendy shoe options that fit well when you have wide feet can be difficult—trust me, I know. I’ve encountered all of the tragedies of having wide feet and a selection of shoes that are meant for those that have narrow soles: hideous sandals with an oversized band, shoes that make your feet appear larger because I had to go up a size, and sandals with a sole that’s not wide enough to fit under your feet are a total disaster. I recall a time when I avoided sandals almost completely since finding anything flattering was so difficult. But not this year, I declare this the summer for wide feet!

This year, I refuse to let my feet go unseen as I once did before. My toes will get to wiggle and breathe freely as they should during those unbearably hot days. I will no longer opt for fly kicks just because the sandals that I usually find in my size are usually Birkenstock (although they are very comfortable and have stepped up their style game). That’s why I’ve been on a serious hunt for some strappy sandals that would complement the array of dresses that I plan to wear this summer because I’ve already set my mind to serving fashion all season long. 

Through my desire, I’ve searched high and low, far and wide (pun intended) to find the most fashionable footwear options for not only myself, but for you. It was quite a feat (no pun intended) but worth all of the footwork!

See the list of sandals suitable for wide feet to add to your shopping cart to get the summer started on a good foot.