Rihanna Was The Biggest Celebrity Fashion Influencer Of 2017

Rihanna Was The Biggest Celebrity Fashion Influencer Of 2017

DEK: The singer’s style continues to reign supreme!


BYLINE: Crystal Tate


BODY: If there’s one celebrity who can literally pull off practically any look and constantly serves as a source of fashion inspiration for many, it’s definitely Rihanna! Therefore it came as no surprise when Rihanna was named the most powerful celebrity fashion influencer in Lyst’s 2017 Year in Fashion report.


According to the report, Rihanna helped spike searches for various designers like Puma, Off-White, Gucci and Molly Goddard, the designer behind those princess-inspired tulle dresses we’ve seen Rihanna wear both on and off the red carpet.




Royal-to-be Meghan Markle was also listed as fourth on the list for influencing searches for heritage British brands as well as lesser-known fashion brands that she’s been spotted wearing. Apparently the “Meghan effect” is truly happening!


Additionally, Rihanna’s Fenty Puma Bow was the most searched and wanted sneaker of the entire year! In March alone, users searched for the shoe every seven seconds on Lyst.


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