Reebok is complimenting the launch of their new #SplitFrom campaign featuring Nathalie Emmanuel, Future, and Lil Baby, with the official release of their new “Sole Fury” sneaker.

The popular lifestyle brand has continuously partnered with some of the boldest young stars of today who align themselves with the brand’s mission to remain inventively unconventional. The campaign together with the Game of Thrones actress and the two Atlanta rappers to highlight their willingness to be trailblazers with challenging cultural norms, which the new sneaker also denotes.

The “Sole Fury” sneaker is clean, vibrant, and most importantly, functional—a true representation of Reebok’s originality. Visually, the high performance sneaker has an exceptionally sleek aesthetic that’s sure to be in high demand. The sneaker’s split – or the visible deletion of the midsole – is stylish and purposeful because it reduces the weight of the show and adds flexibility.

Honestly, we can rave about this sneaker forever, but don’t take our word for it; check it out for yourself! The Reebok “Sole Fury” is now available in both women and men sizes exclusively on