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Pap Chanel Is Here To Stay

"I'm so happy that the females are finally giving each other a chance," the rapper tells ESSENCE.

In the season if celebrating women in rap, more than ever, the rap games largest stars includes a pretty stacked up line up of women. From Cardi B to Megan Thee Stallion to Mulatto, there’s a group of ladies that are rising through the ranks, and supporting each other while doing it.

“They’re showing mad love. I’m happy to be in that loop,” Pap Chanel tells ESSENCE. “Because once I get to where I’m going, I’m going to show some love to upcoming female artists too. The males are dominating, so I’m so happy that the females are finally giving each other a chance,”she says.

Today, the rapper released her project, “Pretty & Paid” and joins a group of major launches this quarter from female rap. Originally from Milledgeville, Georgia, Pap detailed her recent move to Atlanta has only expanded her network. “I’ve just been networking a lot. It’s a big influence, and now the fact that I’m down here, I get to finally work with a lot of artists that have hit me up,”she says.

Now with a new 7 track project out, the star predicts this mixtape will break her career. “I’m super excited because I feel like this project right here is going to be my breakthrough project,” the rapper concludes.

Check out her new mixtape “Pretty & Paid,” here.