Hennessy is continuing their “Wild Rabbit” campaign by partnering with designer, Kerby Jean Raymond of Pyer Moss, to share the story of champion cyclist, Marshall “Major” Taylor. The two famed brands joined together to create MMT 140 by Pyer Moss for Hennessy. Hennessy’s “Wild Rabbit” campaign continues to highlight the stories of “unknown pioneers” who truly denote their long-running “Never Stop. Never Settle.” mantra. Far from a fairytale, Taylor’s story it’s one of perseverance and determination. In 1899, Taylor became a world cycling champion— and the first African-American to win a world championship.
There isn’t a more fitting brand than Pyer Moss to join Hennessy in telling Taylor’s story. As someone who has constantly prioritized the importance of sharing the stories of Black pioneers throughout his career, Raymond is much appreciated. The new venture marks the first time Pyer Moss is partnering with a lifestyle brand unknown to fashion. Despite the unfamiliar territory, there was great excitement with the familiarity of the overall message. “Our work always focuses around exploring the contributions of African-Americans and their space and their place in emerging society,” Raymond told ESSENCE. “So this is right up my alley, and it was something that excited me when I heard about the story.” Although initially unfamiliar with Taylor’s story, Raymond was clear on the importance of using his fashion platform to bring more awareness. “It’s like the equivalence of a kid one hundred years from now not hearing about Serena Williams,” he added. Pyer Moss represents Taylor’s legacy well through a five-piece collection inspired by sport cycling, with a portion of the proceeds from each sale benefitting the National Brotherhood of Cyclists. You can shop the collection HERE.