Pyer Moss is more than just a noteworthy fashion label. Under the direction of founder Kerby Jean-Raymond, it’s a brand that also aims to provoke social change. After completing a powerful show recently at New York Fashion Week, the brand just released their Autumn Winter 2018 collection featuring their “American, Also” campaign. The projects asks, “Do you feel American?” to groups and individuals that “challenge social narratives and evoke dialogue,” which Pyer Moss prides itself on. Angela Rye, Vic Mensa, The Cowgirls of Color, the Compton Cowboys, and others who have made it a point to change America’s narrative of African-Americans and other minority groups join Pyer Moss in posing this question to us all.
“I feel American through the circumstances of what America means,” says educator Dr. Nadia Lopez while answering the campaign’s leading question, seen in the video above. “The injustices of America — I feel that. The disadvantages, being underprivileged, serving children who deserve more and entitled to more but are given less — I know that America.” The context of “American, Also” is the perfect balance of distinguished imagery and necessary dialogue. Alongside retail partner, Reebok, it’s the ultimate style-meets-substance partnership we can all get behind. Shop the collection and check out more footage of the campaign here.