Each spring, we look forward to prom season when young teenage women reveal their gorgeous dresses, which are often original designs, for the biggest night of high school. There have been a few who have still remained memorable to this day.

Remember the New Jersey teen who wore the African-inspired gown that broke the Internet? Or the Florida teen who wore a gown to pay tribute to Trayvon Martin and the Black Lives Matter movement?

For the 2018 prom season, there’s another young lady who has already made an impact with her prom gown. Skyler Branch, who’s a senior at White Station High School in Memphis, TN, chose to honor the women who have inspired her by including them on her custom-designed dress. Branch featured everyone from Michelle Obama and Oprah Winfrey to Beyoncé and Halle Berry. She also included a few other key inspirational women in her life: her mom, grandma and great-grandmother.

In an interview with ELLE, Branch said, “We narrowed it down by famous women who are not just known for being the first at something, but just being inspirational just as black women.”

She also had a bit of advice for other teens. “I’m hoping that people would get the idea to just be different with their prom dresses instead of all of them looking the same.”

Taraji P. Henson who was also featured on the dress liked the Twitter post, and Branch couldn’t believe it. Toni Braxton liked the post as well. Branch, who hopes to become a veterinarian, isn’t done yet though. She revealed that she also has another surprise up her sleeve for graduation.

We can;t wait to see what it is.