What I Screenshot This Week is a fun peek at the style, quotes, products and more that ESSENCE Editors come across during our daily social media scrolls.

Sometimes in life, you come across things that stick with you. It could be a powerful quote, a super cute moment between two old lovers, or in my case right now, a life-changing Altuzzara pineapple-printed silk dress.

You see, this isn’t just any dress. It’s not only the epitome of summertime fly, but one of those style moments you can look back on and stand by. It’s a look that in 30 years you can smile to yourself and say “I was killing them.”

It’s also covered in pineapple, a print that for whatever reason never ceases to catch my eye.

Alas, there’s always a catch. Aside from these amazing attributes, the dress is $11,250 whole entire dollars. Yes, you read that correctly— eleven thousand two-hundred and fifty.

Now, when I saw the price tag my heart sank because the way my wallet, bank account, and life is set up right now, $11,000 is not even a consideration —but you love what you love.

Just because I may never actually own this dress, doesn’t mean I can’t come close (kind of). Pineapple’s just happen to be the print of the moment and even if I can’t have this particular look I can still flourish. To aid in this quest I’ve gathered the cutest citrus-printed looks of the season. Shop below and slay with me!