Our Favorite Latest Fashion Releases
Courtesy of Miaou

Warm temperatures are here to stay for real now. Memorial Day is nearing to kick off the summer festivities and we’re almost a month away from the 2022 Essence Festival of Culture. That being said, we’re back with another roundup of our fashion favorites from the latest drops to keep you looking cool all summer. 

While we slowly transition from wearing light jackets in the spring breeze, fashion brands are rolling out their summer collections. Some recent collaborations that caught our eye include Paloma Elseser’s stylish, body-positive collection with Miaou and Marni’s latest collaboration with Uniqlo. 

The season ahead calls for clothing that feels as light as a feather, yet still makes a statement. If you want to challenge yourself and push the boundaries of usual summer silhouettes, our bi-weekly roundup is the perfect way to find unconventional pieces — we’ll be sure to include the finest swimwear and sunglasses for your summer travel. Some styling tips we can offer in advance include: try styling a bathing suit top with a skirt or trousers, keep it simple and let the accessories shine and play with colors and prints. 

Ahead, shop our fashion favorites from the latest releases.