Olivia Joan & Her Grandmother’s Wardrobe Went Viral On Tik Tok

When a glamorous celebrity has her first daughter, we often romanticize the day the child will be old enough to fit her mother’s clothing and recreate memorable fashion moments. Like the day Blue Ivy will be able to explore Beyone’s extensive collection of rare handbags and heels, or the moment Kulture steps out in a familiar ensemble from an iconic Cardi B fashion moment. For Olivia Joan, the day has come and every time she does a clothing haul of her inherited wardrobe on Tik Tok, she goes viral.

Aside from being an emerging Tik Tok influencer, Joan also happens to be the granddaughter of the late Joan Johnson. Johnson was the co-founder, along with her husband, of Johnson Products Company – the company that was responsible for creating the iconic Afro Sheen and Ultra Sheen products. 

Joan described her grandmother’s style as well put together. “She [her grandmother] always thought, especially as a Black woman, that how you dress is how people portray you, so she always wanted to be well put together, Joan tells ESSENCE. “She always had a good button down, trousers and loafers.” When further reflecting on her grandmother’s style, Joan recalled her wearing an extravagant Tom Ford dress with feathers atop while she was in a wheelchair. That memory alone paints a picture of how glamorous she was and the type of clothes you would expect to find in her closet.

After receiving boxes of clothing from her grandmother’s wardrobe, Joan started to create clothing hauls on Tik Tok. They were an instant viral hit! The hauls are filled with rare, vintage pieces from luxury fashion houses, collectible items that were found while Johnson traveled, beautiful jewelry and one-of-one designs from local Chicago designers such as Reginald Thomas. In short, Joan’s inherited wardrobe can be better described as a vintage fashion lover’s dream filled with timeless clothing and accessories.

Since Joan’s grandfather mailed her enough statement pieces to last her a lifetime, we asked her about her top three favorite items from her grandmother’s collection.The first item happened to be a red Gucci jacket that Joan received from her grandmother while she was still alive. “I told her I was going to a party and she was like, you have to wear this jacket,” Joan shared. “This is the type of jacket where I may be feeling really crappy one day, and my outfit may be basic, but as soon as I put this on, my whole personality changes.” 

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The following piece Joan revealed on our Zoom call embodied how rare the items are – a flashy, vintage blazer that sparkled and looked like a designer’s take on Las Vegas casinos. It stuck out as something that you could only imagine to find in a cherished vintage shop. Before showing the last item, Joan prefaced that it was very special to her and her family – a black fur coat. “My mom and my grandfather have the same jacket and they have their names engraved on the inside of each jacket,” Joan explained. “When I wear this, it reminds me of her [her grandmother] and the rest of my family. I’m going to get my name sewn inside the jacket as well to keep that going, and hopefully one day pass it on to my kids.”

Aside from Joan’s favorites she shared with us, there are two other items that she cherishes dearly and plans to wear on her future wedding day. A pair of crisp white Christian Louboutin heels, but Joan says if they don’t fit when the day arrives, she’ll opt for an equally beautiful pair of Manolo Blahniks that are designed with a blinged out ankle chain. 

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In addition to sharing the beauty of passing on items from generation to generation, Joan is also showcasing the upside of investing in quality items and sustainabilty. While unpacking and trying on the clothes from her grandmother’s wardrobe, it reminds her that shopping sustainably is such a great practice, and she’s happy to share. Through her Tik Tok platform, she’s showing people how it pays off to invest in something of quality, rather than buying a new outfit from fast fashion brands every time you’re going out. “I’m going to keep the things I have as long as I can,” Joan stated.

And if you’re wondering just how long Joan’s inherited items can stand the test of time in regards to being in style, when asked about what she’s most excited to break out this spring from her grandmother’s collection, she whipped out a highly coveted pair of Y2K jeans that are heavily sought after. “These Christian Dior jeans,” Joans revealed. “And I found the matching top in my closet and I’ve been wearing it, but it didn’t click to me until I was looking back on my Tik Tok. These would be perfect with a white tank top because they are low-rise and with some gym shoes.” 

Keep up with Olivia Joan’s clothing hauls and how she styles her inherited wardrobe on her Tik Tok.