Slowly but surely the world is welcoming back the return of sports. During the first few months of COVID-19, there was uncertainty whether we were going to be able to watch basketball or football this year. But now that events—though crowdless—are on the schedule and the Olympics has set a 2021 date, we see that the industry has begun to adapt to the new normal.

Along with sports, campaigns are in full swing, and the apparel brand Oakley—which is most known for its sunglasses—has tapped BMX rider Nigel Sylvester and WNBA star Diamond DeShields for its Love of Sport campaign. “I joined the Oakley family late last year, and it’s been an incredible experience,” exclaimed Sylvester. “Working with a partner who supports every aspect of my athletic and creative output with innovative gear and resources to complement my style, goals and aspirations allows for a powerful collaboration.”

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For its 2020 campaign, Oakley remade Bob Marley’s iconic anthem One Love in hopes “to inspire hope and positivity during a time of uncertainty by celebrating sport and…[to] enlighten and uplift,” a statement reads. Accompanied with a powerful video, throughout the three-minute project you can see athletes, including DeShields and Sylvester, indulging in their craft. “Working with Oakley is a full-circle moment,” exclaimed DeShields. “At my brother’s baseball tournaments, Oakley always had stands and we used to buy glasses there all the time. It really brings me back to those summer days at the ballpark.”

Check out the full campaign below.